Assistance is available to Indiana Department of Correction employees, contract staff members, or their immediate family members to provide short-term immediate monetary assistance should they suffer a serious loss as a result of a natural disaster or catastrophic accident, or an employee dies at the workplace or otherwise while on duty.

The intended purpose of any monetary assistance given from the fund under these circumstances is to ensure employees and their immediate families are able to continue to receive the benefit of the necessities of life immediately following an unexpected catastrophic event.

This fund is not intended to be insurance against losses or damage.

Your Correctional Family grieves with you through the pain that you are experiencing and hopes that our support will lighten the burden that you or your family may experience through difficult times.

wondering if we can help?

You can download a copy of the criteria, and payouts located HERE

How to Apply

Please fill out the following Request for Assistance form and submit it to your facility’s Warden or send it to the Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund at

Download the CPAFI assistance application HERE 

You may also download a W-9 form located HERE