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The Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana

Applicants for the Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana Scholarship Program must:

Complete all sections of the application. This application and all materials must be received by December 12, 2022.

Your name and address must be included in all attachments. The scholarship amounts shown below are annual amounts that are subject to change.

*Full-time study is defined as full-time enrollment for the entire upcoming academic year

Section 2 - Employee Relationship with the IDOC/Work Experience
Section 3 - Academic Information
Section 4 - Activities, Awards and Honors, and Interests
Section 5 - Personal Statement: This should be a one-page, typed statement that describes your educational goals, and why you need financial assistance A. Make a brief summary of your plans as they relate to your educational and career objectives. B. If there is any unusual family or personal circumstances that you want considered as part of your application, please explain. C. How will you be financing your college education and how will a scholarship impact your plans? D. Is there any other information that we should know about you? This is your opportunity to include information that is not contained in other areas of the application. Please be specific.
Section 6 - Essay * (not required for Supplies Scholarship or Part-Time Student Scholarship) * "What I hope to accomplish in my field of study to advance the quality of public service" Two Typewritten pages (81/2 x 11, double-spaced in drafting your essay, please give specific examples to clarify your ideas
Submitting your application Please submit the following to be considered for the award(S) Completed application form Copy of the student's official or unofficial transcript(s) of grades. Applicants for the Spring 2023 Scholarships will need to submit their current transcripts with their application. Scholarship winners will be required to provide an official transcript before awards can be distributed. If the applicant is beginning their first year of school, high school transcripts may be substituted. *(The essay is not required for Supplies Scholarship of Part-Time Student applicants) *