CPAFI has Awarded Over

Emergency Assistance Grants
In Scholarships and Assistances

CPAFI Mission

Empowering the IDOC Workforce and their families with quick access to life’s essentials in the aftermath of unseen catastrophic events.

Origin Story

Following the 2008 catastrophic southern Indiana flooding event which adversely impacted the lives of so many IDOC Correctional Professionals, IDOC Commissioner Edwin Buss had a vision to create an Indiana benevolent fund with a specific mission to provide urgent monetary assistance to IDOC Correctional Professionals, their immediate family members and our contractual partners.  With the urging of Commissioner Buss, on July 1, 2009, the State of Indiana Legislature passed I.C. 11-8-2-14 into law formally establishing the Indiana Correctional Peace Officers Fund (ICPOF), now known as the Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana (CPAFI).

The CPAFI Board of Directors was then established to represent the major working disciplines within our Department by mandating a board of directors which includes an executive level staff member representing the following areas:  IDOC Executive Staff, Maximum Security, Medium Security, Minimum Security, Division of Youth Services, Parole Services, Ethics Officer, Fiscal Officer, a person not employed by the Department but who possesses a sincere interest in the advancement of correctional professionals and if the Board deems it to be a valuable asset, a Fund Manager who would serve as a non-voting board member

The first CPAFI board members

Original CPAFI Board Members

  • Randall Koester, Chair
  • Jack Hendrix, Vice Chair
  • Mark Spratt, Treasurer
  • Lisa Salinas, Secretary
  • Alan Chapman, Member
  • Rob Carter (DNR), Member
  • Robert Bugher, Member
  • James Kimmel, Member
  • Stacy Doane-Selmier, Member
  • Michael Dempsey, Member

Where We Started

The first assistance payout guideline had a minimum aid eligibility for emergency situations of $250 per incident, plus $50 per dependent up to a maximum of $500 per incident.

As of October 14, 2009 the fund was $1,451.

Facility Fundraising Feud

The first fundraising was our Facility Feud which started in March 2010 and ran through April 15, 2010.

  • $11,497.45 cash raised from the event
  • $6770.20 added from SECC donations for a total of $18,267.65 to support the Fund
  • Wabash Valley Correctional Facility had the largest total donation and Camp Summit had the largest dollar amount donated per employee
Participants posing with board members at the golf course at the first CPAFI Golf Open

First Annual Golf Outing

CPAFI's first Annual Golf Outing was held at Valle Vista in Greenwood on May 14, 2010 raising over $32,000 to help support IDOC staff and their families.

Over the years, the CPAFI mission to directly benefit the lives of our IDOC family by continuing with it’s original mission which is enthusiastically supported by our IDOC Correctional Professionals, contractual partners and corporate sponsors through payroll deductions, routine fundraising events and donations.  

Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana
302 W. Washington Street, Room E334
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Phone: (317) 233-5541
Email: [email protected]

CPAFI is a 501 (c) 3 charitable fund, who provides short-term immediate monetary assistance to Indiana Department of Correction employees or their immediate family members.


Proceeds may also be used for tuition assistance scholarships for employees of the Department or their immediate family members or dependents.


All of the funds are administered by the Board of Directors of the Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana.


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