Who We Are

Our Mission

The CPAFI is a 501 (c) 3 charitable fund, who provides short-term immediate monetary assistance to Indiana Department of Correction employees or their immediate family members.



  •  CPAFI has awarded 279 scholarships worth $567,500 in total
  •  CPAFI has provided 510 emergency assistance grants worth $369,943 in total
A combined total of nearly $1 million dollars has been returned to members of our IDOC family in the form of academic scholarships and assistance


The intended purpose of any monetary assistance given from the Fund under these circumstances is to ensure employees and their immediate families can continue to receive the benefit of the necessities of life immediately following an unexpected catastrophic event.

This Fund is not intended to be insurance against losses or damage.



Proceeds may also be used for tuition assistance scholarships for employees of the Department or their immediate family members or dependents.

All of the funds are administered by the Board of Directors of the Correctional Professionals Assistance Fund of Indiana.


  • Jack Hendrix, Chair
  • Robert Bugher, Vice Chair and Chief Counsel
  • Mark Spratt, Treasurer
  • Mark Sevier, Board Member
  • Leslie Phelps, Board Member
  • Marcus Blade, Board Member
  • Terrie Decker, Board Member
  • Richard Brown, Board Member
  • Nancy Riley, Board Member
  • Emily Fajardo, Secretary
  •  Morgan Feeney, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Jessica Williams, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Talesa Howell, Webmaster

Wondering How You Can Contact Us?

For emergency assistance, please contact assistance@cpafi.org.

Have other questions? 

Click HERE for the list of facility CPAFI representatives 

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